Friday, 25 June 2010

big cat friday

Friday, 25 June 2010

i hate to be the guy who goes and posts two tracks lifted straight from the new aeroplane mixtape, but i guess today ill have to be the villain.. it is friday after all.

like the allez allez mixes, the aeroplane monthly chart mix is an unmissable event for me. i feel like their mixes illustrate the extent to which these guys have their fingers on the pulse. i was truly saddened to hear that they have decided to part ways - hopefully vito will keep flapping that aeroplane flag long after the release of their album ""we cant fly" in early september.

as i said, i hate to be the guy that plagiarises aeroplanes song seeking, but this months mix was an absolute standout.. and these two tracks need to be shared.

i felt like the vocals on the original version of this monarchy track were a touch over-done, but dfa honcho tim goldsworthy turned up with this superbly deep, slightly dark version which is truly excellent. and with the vocals removed, the moody strings have that much more prominence - a very good thing.

Monarchy - Love Get Out Of My Way (Tim Goldsworthy Dub Mix)

the jury is still out with ali love as far as im concerned.. sure, the hooks are addictive as hell, but his vocals are, to me - like monarchy - a little much. having said that, it is a very hard to dislike his latest remix package when names like in flagranti and bottin are involved.

Ali Love - Smoke & Mirrors (Bottin Remix)

you have probably already checked out max sedgley's single 'something special' and its remixes, but i thought i would re-share this crazy p mix cos i was kinda late to the partay.. that organic, soulful bassline is really something to write home about.

Max Sedgley - Something Special (Crazy P Remix)

to finish off on this fine friday is a fine revision from our man dj hell.. a little bit different from the rest of my friday spread, but totally banging. perfect for some friday late night drinks.

Tocotronic - Macht Es Nicht Selbst (DJ Hell Remix)

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