Tuesday, 13 July 2010

swedish jj fish

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Sweden seems to breed lots of funky people like Ace of Bass and Freddy Ljunberg. And jj. This is first-thing-in-the-morning music, walking-to-work music, stiff-drink-in-the-evening music. All of that stuff. Love love love it.

jj - things will never be the same again

jj - ecstasy

jj - ceo birthday

Also, how painful is this description of their music from allmusic: Neo-Balearic indie pop filters Air France's tropical haze, the Tough Alliance's penchant for slyly irreverent appropriation, and the Honeydrips' fragile twee pop melodicism into a beguilingly lush, gently electronic style reminiscent of prime Saint Etienne with a smoother, beachier sheen urghhh!


Acid Midget said...

That description made my eyes bleed.

Love jj.

Come back to Sydney.

Steve said...

FUCK the links still arent working.

i have purchased a fileden acct, but evidently the space takes a while to activate. hopefully wont be too long.

sorry again. i sound like a broken record

Steve said...

huzzah! the links are now working.
may the blogging begin