Monday, 6 September 2010

monday: new email address day

Monday, 6 September 2010

wow! happy mondays!

just thought i would drop a quick line to let everyone know that the blouse email address has changed to blouseclub{at}gmail{dot}com.. we became a little irresponsible with our previous addy and weren't monitoring it nearly as much as we should have been.
this new email address is like a fresh start - please send us music and other misc goodies!

to celebrate, here are two tight, monday brightening disco jams:

you can always trust the prolific toby tobias to be the creator of swanky, strutty glam disco like this. it might take a couple of minutes to find it's feet, but when that extra bit of snare slips in, 'crocodile slippers' really comes to life. very classy, classic sounding disco.

Toby Tobias - Crocodile Slippers

'crocodile slippers' is the b-side to the excellent 'macasu' from earlier in the year. grab it here. the motor city drum ensemble remix is worth the price by itself..

this is another cut from luke vibert's 'kerrier district' project from '04.. this one has been a favourite of mine since hearing a snippet of it in one of the old, old bang gang podcasts. this full version really covers a lot of ground and visits many different areas, but that makes it all the more charming. especially with a slap bassline/piano foundation like this:

Kerrier District - Disco Bus

so in summary, please send stuff to us via our new email addy. we promise to be more diligent in our checking.


tropical said...

i used to read your blog a lot but haven't for ages, now it's caught my eye again

i know that means a lot to you

Steve said...

that really does mean a lot us.. thanks for the comment!