Thursday, 7 October 2010

bit friday

Thursday, 7 October 2010

having the office to myself today has given me a fine excuse to blast bangor after bangor at maximum volume..

i spoke very briefly about's unique jazz techno a while back and it has made quite a big comeback in my headphones over the past few days. there is something about it that is just so damned cool and bouncy.. which makes it perfect friday fodder.

And.Id - Erotica mediafire link

'erotica' is off's latest release, 'i will be there'. chances are you will have heard the excellent title track, but in case you havent, you can grab it there.

here is more jazz infused techno - this time coming courtesy of sascha dive and samuel davis. i came across it on matthew dear's '08 body language mix recently and when its mighty bassline drops out of nowhere, i was nearly left gasping.. if you have decent headphones or speakers, please put this on immediately.

Sascha Dive - Street Life (Samuel Davis Dark Groove Remix) mediafire link

grab matthew dear's body language mix here.

enjoy your sunny weekend melburnians.. i think we are starting to turn the corner

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