Wednesday, 6 October 2010

holy balls

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

with my work being as crazily busy as it is, i often find it hard to give new releases and singles the time and attention they deserve. that is why dj mixes have become such a staple in my everyday listening habits.

of late i have found myself sticking to the more minimal and techno side of things, as most of the disco offerings have been lacking in any real excitement. then along struts disco not disco honcho vi with the untouchable 'summer workout program' mix to commemorate their fifth year in the business.

i dont think i have heard a mix this awesome in quite some time.. each track is brimming with a certain cheekiness/spunk that is really refreshing.
with song selection like this, it is no wonder that he has played alongside (and even brought over) the likes of mike simonetti, metro area, in flagranti, kolombo and rub n tug. if i heard this mix in a club, i would go very crazy.

disco not disco: 5 jahre punkfunk! by VIVI.

vi has been quite the busy lad over winter.. you can expect remixes for in flagranti, catcall and cosmonaut all in the not so distant future.
keep an eye on this space for sure - with dj skills and an eye for fine disco production like he has, you will be seeing much more of him very soon. scope out his soundcloud here.

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