Tuesday, 30 November 2010


Tuesday, 30 November 2010

lots of psychedelia this week here at blouse. lots and lots. it might be a bit of a departure from regular blouse scheduling, but its a nice one. especially on humpday.

i think 'eyesore' by women was the song that really got me juiced up for this psychedelic action. for me, it really typifies this psychedelic rock wave that seems to be doing the rounds at the moment. drenched in sepia toned reverb and dusty vintage guitars, 'eyesore' is a perfect soundtrack for our upcoming summer - if it ever arrives.
watch for the meandering, slow pace building into rich melody and direction towards the end:

Women - Eyesore (alt)

grab women's latest aural odyssey 'public strain' here.

new zealanders 'the ruby suns' have been an absolute revelation for me over the past week or so. after getting attention from the likes of pitchfork and fbi, these guys have built quite a reputation and im shocked that it took me two years to catch on.
they really traverse many different sounds across their albums and manage to do so with an uncompromising warmth. if you're into it, there will be encounters with ambling, gentle folk, spanish fiesta beats, and slick chillwave aplenty.

The Ruby Suns - The Morning Sun (alt)

i strongly advise you to investigate the two ruby sun albums if you havent already. you can start here and here.

this blue hawaii track is one of those that i cant listen to just once. it is awesome in so many ways, but the joy and exuberance in vocalist ra's voice is absolutely infectious - even if the lyrics arent of a particularly joyful nature.

Blue Hawaii - Blue Gowns (alt)

blue hawaii's ep is available for free download on their myspace.. check it out here.

and last but not least today are californians blackbird blackbird. i have been really really been getting into their brand of expansive chillwave recently and was pretty excited when their remixes mini-album landed in our inbox.
this twin sister mix is probably my favourite of the bunch and its fuzzy, slow pulsing /slow burning vibe is an absolute winner.

Twin Sister - Lady Daydream (Blackbird Blackbird Remix) (alt) (removed by request)

blackbird blackbirds new lp 'summer heart' can be scooped here.


Acid Midget said...

'Kenya Dig It?' got me started on the Ruby Suns back in '08.

Song's amazing.

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Great readiing