Wednesday, 1 December 2010

the videodrome mk XLV

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

my ears always prick up when word of new technology comes my way - especially when it involves music.

the technology in question this time is the 'reactive table' - a circular table with a glowing surface, upon which you place different blocks to play and control various sounds and samples in order to create music. sound interesting?

The Maneken Live

this video features ukranian funk/pop/electro maestro evgeny filatov (aka the maneken) playing a version of his track 'velessa' on the reactive table. as you can see, each of the little blocks represent an instrument. by moving a block, characteristics such as pitch, tempo or tone can be altered.
it looks both awesome and heaps of fun. i want a go.

i did find filatov's daft punk-esque light suit pretty amusing and 'zombiepopshot' made a comment about his choice of wardrobe which i found pretty funny/discerning:

"why is it that everytime something new and high tech comes out, we have to act like we're robots?"


wonder if these will start popping up at festivals/clubs soon.. its kinda funny to picture dj's carrying blocks around with them instead of record bags.

jump here to see more reactive table action.

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