Tuesday, 21 December 2010

dos days

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

most of us now have only two or three days left in our working year.. how exciting is that! just need some nice weather and my life will be complete.
this ease into the break is really quite enjoyable. the only thing i have been doing at work (except playing games on my iphone) has been chilling to smooth as shit disco and electronica.. yeah!

one artist that i would not have expected smooth as shit electronica from is siriusmo. i am slowly learning to not try and put him into a box.
in contrast to the last track of his that we posted on here ('die rockwurst' which was a quirky, floor shattering electro-step bangor), 'mbox' has a refined veneer. its smooth, slightly urban feel and dam-funk flavoured bassline have really provided a great soundtrack for my work 'plants vs zombies' session today.

Siriusmo - Mbox (alt)

i tried to find more info on the 'hot box/mbox' release that 'mbox' was lifted from, but couldnt really see much out there. if you should somehow encounter the other side from this release, 'hotbox', i would heartily recommend giving it a go as well. slightly more upbeat and probably more suited to your christmas festivities.

im not sure how 'lina' - aka the lead single from toro y moi's side project 'les sins' - found its way into my itunes, but im sure glad it did. sheer disco wizardry from the chillwave man.
'youth gone' is the b-side from 'lina' and is a track that i have really been enjoying today. after a bit of an offbeat start, it takes turn for the good when its scuzzy, atmospheric and sample heavy face is revealed. i actually find it quite reminiscent of the avalanches.. which is pretty much the best endorsement i can give a song.

Les Sins - Youth Gone (alt)

i have to admit that i was initially attracted to trujillo's "baby you're still the same" for the mark e remix, but the original really got in there and stole my love. songs like this seem to be to turning up on blouse all too often these days: smooth, yacht-disco that slowly grows into itself with some nice, subtle instrumental work. a bad thing? i think not.

Trujillo - Baby You're Still The Same (alt)

grab the rest of the 'baby you're still the same' release (including the sweet mark e and social disco club remixes) here!

im attempting to brew up my top 5 songs of the year, and will try to have them up by the new year.. hope to speak soon!


Anonymous said...

something wrong with your alt links!
Previous pst was great! :)

Steve said...

Ahhh shit.. sorry about that. i have re-upped the drobox and mediafire link. all should be working again now.

thanks! how good is that bot'ox track!?