Thursday, 10 February 2011

toro and me

Thursday, 10 February 2011

other exciting news on the feb '11 front is the release of toro y moi's new album 'underneath the pine'.

the time really seems to be right for chillwave artists.. their sound and genre is being further defined with every release, and people are really starting to notice. and with 'underneath the pine', i reckon toro y moi definitely earns this extra attention.
he has left a lot of the abstract, overtly electronic sounds of his previous releases behind in favour of a more linear, psychedelic - almost poppy sound. and if you have heard 'still sound' or 'go with you', you'll know that this sound certainly sits well with him. in case you havent heard either of these, check 'go with you' out here:

Toro Y Moi - Go With You

an exciting sidenote is the 'still sound' remix contest being held by carpark records. these remix contest thingys always produce some crackers - and ive definitely been keeping a keen eye on this one. i think john kunkel has produced my pick of the bunch so far.. throbbing, ethereal chillwave house with a slight trancey twinge toward the end (not as bad as it sounds). jim, if you are reading this, you should definitely listen to this.

Toro Y Moi - Still Sound (John Kunkel New Division Remix)

maybe you could have a go at remixing it? grab the stems here.

i know its a bit late to be telling people about toro y moi gigs, but if you are around sydney, melbourne or brisbane in the next week or so and are interested, these are the dates to be pencilling into your diaries:

2/17 - Melbourne, The Toff In Town (SOLD OUT)
2/18 - Melbourne, The Workers Club (SOLD OUT)
2/19 - Wisemans Ferry, Playground Weekender Festival
2/23 - Sydney, Goodgod Smallclub (SOLD OUT)
2/24 - Brisbane, Woodland

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