Tuesday 8 February 2011

das cutters

Tuesday 8 February 2011

so this is me saying welcome to 2011 - just in time for february. a month and a bit late eh? sorry about that.

2011 has certainly kicked off with a bang hasn't it? so many excellent new releases, and we are only a month in.
i think (arguably) the one that has been on everybody's lips has been cut copy's 'zonoscope'.
how do you feel about it? it certainly is a polariser.. not what a lot of people were expecting.
personally, im still trying to decide how i feel about it. there are a couple of songs that i love ('corner of the sky' is classic cut copy bliss), a couple that i hate (first time ive hated a cut copy song) and a few in between. the mere fact that a song like 'take me over' is on the album is nearly a strike out for me.
but i wont burden you with my insight seeing as though im a couple of weeks off the pace.
today, i wanted to share another project.. one that is still very much in the cut copy batting cage.

i was pretty sad when i heard that the awesome damn arms were parting ways.. their sound was transforming so fast, i was definitely interested in seeing where it was headed.
now, thanks to das moth - a project started by the now tokyo based ex-damn arm tim sullivan and cutters - i can hopefully see at least part of their vision through.

'moon' is tim's first release and while it's sound is a bit of a tough one to place, the intense, warm disco bassline and clean synths would be most welcome poolside on a hot day..

Das Moth - Moon

the talented sidwho? also tried his hand at remixing the shit out 'moon'.. and by cleaning it out and giving it a fuzzy disco wash he came up with a winner:

Das Moth - Moon (Sidwho? Remix)

the full release is absolutely worth a look with mixes from the likes of jacques renault, kink & neville and dj maar all featuring. grab it here... and jump over here to check out the dates of the upcoming cutters parties..


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