Monday, 7 February 2011


Monday, 7 February 2011

things have been really, really slack on my end for the past month or so and for that i sincerely apologise. i have been absolutely meaning to post (there are many tracks cued up in my 'to post' playlist) but time really has been short.

as my way of apologising, i present to you an absolute cracker of an edit by none other than brad shitt (aka joey negro). seriously good stuff that no dj or party hoster should be without.
the saxophones in this edit are simply next level - they take the storming bassline to places i never imagined they could go. i would like to meet the person that wouldn't get gushy when they heard this. meet and slap them.

The Clash - Rock the Cashbah (Brad Shitt Edit)

if you already discovered this edit on greg wilson's essential mix or via the interwebs, you might have to be happy with accepting my assurances that my end of blouse will be up and running again within the week.

thanks for the patience!

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