Friday, 28 January 2011

Bunny Holiday is tre sexy

Friday, 28 January 2011

How old is LA-based rapper Bunny Holiday? That's what everyone's asking, yet very few know the answer.

This Canadian-born woman/girl performs in and edits her own lo-fi music videos, raps over tunes produced by Pop Levi and has also modelled for American Apparel.

Her tracks even sound OK.

More recently, Holiday has produced a music video for 'Tender Young Flesh' in which she performs the prelude to a live webcam sex video.

It's clever. She highlights the glaring fascination her followers have: "Will I get arrested for rubbing my nipples over you?"

Yes, you probably would.

Let's not get carried away with this burgeoning meme though. Uffie is a tart, but she was part of the Ed Banger crew, which, through association, gave her some extra credibility. And 'Pop the Glock' rocked my socks. And the music video had BJ Panda Bear in it. Love that chubby Asian. Just look at what he said on Sunday:

"Its scary to think about how much weight is being trended on to my generation and the media is allowing and expecting my generation to slut the fuck up while also reassuring the fat chicks that the one you have been blowing may be the only one worth knowing."


But Bunny Holiday is so adept at reeling her audience in with sex it seems contrived. She, or at least those she works with, appear smart enough to deliver an even better product.

Will we see an album before a sex tape?

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