Wednesday, 30 March 2011

humps day

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

how nice it is to have time to think again.. and what better way to spend that time but by digging through my inbox. a couple of excellent toe-tappers landed in my lap today actually.. perfect hump day music.

nôze have been relatively quiet of late, with a only a handful of remixes and guest appearances popping up.. things are likely to change though as they have just released their anticipated fourth album 'dring' on get physical.
ive only just got my hands on it, but i've really enjoyed what i have heard so far. far from being a dance album, 'dring' actually sounds like the soundtrack to your friends musical theatre production from last saturday. an incredibly warm vibe surrounds this album - and the diverse instrumentals and crazy humour only add to the experience.
there are a couple of real upbeat moments on 'dring' though.. take the accordion sampling fun of album closer 'marabout' for instance. dramatic tinkling gives way to a driving accordion backbone and horns. funny lyrics too..

Nôze - Marabout

you should definitely think seriously about grabbing noze's 'dring' here.

god bless nat from burnt waffles - he sure does know his music. i hit him up today for some recommendation and ended up almost doubling my music library.
amongst the fire that he sent my way was a bunch of new four tet and caribou (including that collaboration that they recently completed with thom yorke) that i had somehow missed.
this four tet track 'pinnacles' really caught my ear as it was particularly banging - especially for a four tet production.
really into this track - it is made to a simple formula, but boy does the formula work. warbling double bass, moody piano interludes and nice ornamental guitar work on top:

Four Tet - Pinnacles

the four tet/daphni (aka caribou) - pinnacles/ye ye split ep was available via their soundclouds. also available on vinyl very soon. keep your eyes out.

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