Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Hood Pass Intact

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

monday. already falling asleep, exhausted on the couch. potential depression at length of week ahead. can the prospect of a weekend in mallorca (and a possible visit to ibiza) pep me up?

anyhoo, with all these funk and 90's styled beats that have been hitting my ears of late, it felt like a natural thing to reacquaint myself with a certain mr dam funk.
i have to admit that i havent exactly been keeping abreast on what he has been up to since his breakthrough "toeachizown", and i was glad to see a recent lp called "adolescent funk" (from oct '10 - so not exactly new) showing up next to his name on discogs..

turns out i didnt need to get too excited, though cos "adolescent funk" is a collection of funk tracks made during riddick's adolescence - a time when he was still earning his stripes in nearly every department of his production repertoire.. the funk may still be present, but it flounders under the weight of some very basic song writing and extremely low rent recording. it is an interesting reflection on his roots though, and a nice insight for dam funk fans.
perhaps the only song that makes the grade on this collection is the amusingly titled track "i like your big azz (girl)" which mirrors much of the incredible 80's funk that he spends so much time curating and championing:

Dam Funk - I Like Your Big Azz (Girl)

cant wait for him to get back to his "toeachizown" heights.. think it would go down a treat right about now.
something to jog our memories on just how awesome this guy can be:

Dam Funk - Hood Pass Intact


as a bit of a bonus, check out this live mix that was recorded at british night 'deviation's' first birthday in '08. pure, classic funk awesomeness, the likes of which i have never seen. this is really what dam funk is all about. if you get a chance, see this guy live.

Dam Funk Live @ Deviation 1st Birthday (thanks to deviation)

video footage of this mix is also available at the deviation site, here.

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