Tuesday, 20 September 2011


Tuesday, 20 September 2011

i was just about to started discussing my fatigue after a weekend of heavy drinking in mallorca when i realised how much of a broken record blouse has become over the past few posts. oh god. my bad.
so lets skip over that boring stuff and head straight to the business end of proceedings. (and yes, this music did make my travel and subsequent tough day at work much easier - as per usual.)

i really like scuba. really. his moody, grimy, dark, atmospheric, often ethereal dubstep/techno fills many a role for me. i listen to him on the tram, whilst working, when im getting ready to go out, and (sometimes) when i get out.

having said that, i was a little confused when i laid ears upon his new "adrenaline ep". such a strange, unexpected record.. happy, housey vibes via slow grooving funk, 80's snares, vocal hooks, synths and even a melodic breakdown straight from the annals of 90's trance. strange yes.. unpleasant no. but definitely not what i was expecting - or looking for. but in this case that isnt a bad thing.

the trancey title track "adrenaline" has been floating around for the past week or so (and will feature on his upcoming - and eagerly awaited - addition to the dj kicks series) so i might switch gears and instead share the b-side "never".
while it may not have the same chemical-driven high as "adrenaline", i think its lush synths and powerful - almost industrial dubstep drum line more than make up for it. this is one profoundly danceable slow burner.

Scuba - Never

there sure is a lot of buzz surrounding scuba's "adrenaline ep".. it will be officially released on the 26th of september, and you can keep your peepers out for it right here.

meanwhile, lets take a second to reflect the scuba that we all know and love.. yes, this is exactly what you think it is. dark, deep, primal  dubstep with a solid techno foothold.

Scuba - Reverse

yup. pretty awesome.
i lifted this from his "aesaunic" ep from '09. you can pick that up here.

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