Friday, 23 September 2011

Velocity Of Your Love

Friday, 23 September 2011

thursday already! welcome to the ease into the weekend. going to try and make it as smooth as possible this week - no need to over tax ourselves..

blouses favourite russians d-pulse popped up again recently with a vinyl release of their single "velocity of your love".. good news! although the original is super (in a spaced out slow jam kind of way), it is the hot toddy mix that really got me really interested.
its intense, warm grooves and bright, flowing guitars are so damn nice.. perfect summer sounds - hope y'all in australia get to enjoy this with some hot weather soon. i sure as hell wont.

D-Pulse - Velocity of Your Love (Hot Toddy Remix)

grab the "velocity of your love" on wax here.. download it here.

and while we're on the smooth tip.. here is a gem from way back in 2009 that i stumbled across the other day. pure, melancholic, slow-bubbling funk from dfa masters still going. a great track that was perhaps overshadowed by its record-mate "spaghetti circus".

Still Going - Untitled Love

hmm.. they unfortunately dont seem to be "still going" with original productions these days - but they sure are racking up plenty of remix credits. looking forward to them getting back into the studio to make their own beats soon.
if you feel like doing some reminiscing, you can grab the spaghetti circus/untitled love ep here.

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