Friday 4 November 2011

Allez Allez Go Going

Friday 4 November 2011

some horrible news reached me the other day, and i have to say that i am still pretty deep in mourning..

after five stellar years as bloggers, producers, label bosses and djs, the great steve nolan and sam willis - otherwise known as allez allez - have decided to go their separate ways.. incredibly sad news indeed.

these two have done more to open my eyes to the unknown reaches of electronica then perhaps anyone else.. i really have a huge amount of respect for them.

the last couple of weeks have been like one long victory lap for the duo, and as one final goobye, they have whipped up two new mixtapes. it is actually quite sad to listen to them, but i really cant recommend them enough.
these, along with the scores of other amazing, inspirational mixes are currently up on their site, but will only stay there until the tenth of november. that is when they, and the whole allez allez site will be taken down forever. heavy stuff.

so! it's now on you to rush over to the site and grab everything you can. seriously - mixes from the likes of four tet, prins thomas, ben watt, dj t, caribou and mike simonetti only scratch the surface. get over there now.

Allez Allez - Get Their Mixes While You Still Can

a fitting soundtrack to the long download ahead is definitely "the defeatist" - probably my favourite of their modest production output. absolutely love the slinky, busy, sexy groove of this song and the heavy dancefloor killer that it grows into.

Allez Allez - The Defeatist

you can pick up a copy of that here.

to catch up with the lads post allez-allez, keep your eyes on walls (sam willis' exciting project), or various dj booths & podcasts around the world.

lets raise a glass for these two.
heres to an outstanding five years - and lets hope that they can go on to bigger and better things.

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