Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Sunday Jam

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Spring: "officially in the air." 

Strolling around Berlin in a t-shirt certainly was certainly what the doctor ordered after a long, freezing Winter.
Shimmying around Berghain (also in a t-shirt) was equally high on the prescription papers.

Early morning in there and Panorama was (obviously) when the action really heated up, and I think this piece of smooth, meditative - yet pleasantly driving Christopher Rau deepness is rather indicative of the direction things were headed. "A gentle, eyes closed banger":

Christopher Rau - Soulful

'Soulful' first surfaced in early 2010, but you may have spotted it on the Laid compilation from last year. Check that out here.

I shared this crafty, warm Can track on the Blouse Facebook a while back, but I think it is well worth a second go around - if only for the role it played in my safe flight back to Helsinki.
Coming from the Krautrock pioneers' iconic 1978 self titled LP, Sunday Jam is a perfectly titled Sunday jam that is tightly packed with flutey goodwill and a classily authentic analogue vibe..

Can - Sunday Jam

Pick up the Can LP here.

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