Wednesday, 28 March 2012


Wednesday, 28 March 2012

One of the most intriguing projects we have come across in the recent times has definitely been The Log.Os.
An LA based group populated by Ken Barrientos and an assortment of guest vocalists, their union of experimental electronica and urban sounds may be quite 'done' in this day and age, but it is the lush, ambient shading and intricate depths that really set them apart.

After the release their superb (and highly praised) debut album 'λόγος' late in 2011, The Log.Os have been busily plugging away at a bunch of remixes - both for others, and themselves.

Their new EP/tape, entitled 'The Purple Tape' which was put out only a few days ago sees the guys re-imagine three tracks from their album.. A lot of the ambience has been left out of these interpretations, replaced instead by off kilter, emotive trip hop and grimy synths.
The swelling strings and moving vocals of 'Nascent' were one of the highlights from the album, and it's presence is felt heavily here as well.. Cutting an imposing figure in this landscape is the deep cello bass, but the floating, light melody and half-pace vocals offer a striking focus..

The Log.Os - N&SC$NT

And in case you missed it - here is the album original of 'Nascent' in all it's glory.. Amazing piece of work:

The Log.Os - Nascent

All Log.Os work is available for free (!) via their Tumblr.. Head over and get some hump day investigation done.

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