Friday, 6 April 2012


Friday, 6 April 2012

Easter! A time to share perplexingly excellent electronica
with family, close friends and  excited children.

The Blouse Easter soundtrack would have traditionally comprised of bangorz, but this year I was hoping to tone things down a little.

Kassem Mosse has been a longtime Blousetown favourite with his trippy, genre bending offerings..
Last time he graced these pages, it was with dreggy, weighty techno.
This time is rather different though with his deep, airy side on show. Watch for the  percussion and cymbals on this one - they wouldn't be out of place in a 6am dance off and do a great job of bringing this track into the d-floor scopes.

Kassem Mosse - Untitled

'Untitled' was pulled from the Laid retrospective from last yearHear more from that over here.

The mysterious Vril has really started to make ripples in this little pond of ours. Releasing a solid bunch of excellent, simply named EP's and appearing on several high profile mixes seems to be how he pulled this off.
Like Kassem Mosse, the last time we saw Vril on Blouse he was in pounding, warehouse shaking mode via 'UV'. And like Mosse, this time is around he has turned up with the deepness.
'V5' is my personal favourite off his 2011 EP '5-7' thanks to it's simple, yet relentless melody.. An awesome, wistful number in the same vein as 'Moth' by Burial & Four Tet:

Vril - V5

Grab your very own copy of Vril's 5-7 here.

I ran into Akufen's 2002 LP 'My Way' again when I was doing a little iTunes spring cleaning. His jolty, jumpy microhouse was much funkier than I remember, and I'm tickled pink to have rediscovered it.
'Skidoos' was one of the bigger numbers from the album and it's lush, expansive synth and bubbly bass make it clear why.. A superb track that deserves to be back in your life:

Akufen - Skidoos

Check out Akufen's microhouse odyssey 'My Way' here.

Right! I'm off to Berlin! Have a happy Easter!

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