Thursday, 14 June 2012

Rick Wade & Arto Mwambe

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Its fair to say that we have been fairly well ensconced in the club of late.. 

I think an impending Mediterranean Summer has done enough to inspire me to step out for a second and get some air.. Some air with loads of nice synths and horns..
I stumbled across legendary Detroit go-to-guy Rick Wade's remix of Francesco Bonora & Marcello Arletti's exquisitely titled 'Don't Party Too Much' the other day and have been slyly shoulder shimmying ever since.
Smokey, swanky, upmarket groove with a really nice, subtle drive and a superb brass section.. We're onto a winner here:

You can pick up all of Francesco Borona & Marcello Arletti's "Don't Party Too Hard" right here.

I've been loading up on holiday tracks recently, and this little Joash remix done by Frankfurt duo Arto Mwambe has sauntered it's way to the top of pile..
It is a lovely, uplifting number reminiscent of some of Jacques Lu Cont's best work.. Loads of floaty synths (remember those?), warm basslines and fluttering percussion. Definite yacht party wind-down tune:

This was grabbed from Joash's "Don't Fear It, Fight It" remix album from March.. Find that here. Loads of good stuff on there. 

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