Monday, 4 June 2012

Scuba and his Personality

Monday, 4 June 2012

It's not just that Scuba is a confident producer or his music can be somehow sexy beneath a brawling bearing that makes him magnetic.

It's his creative versatility, which is evident between the dubstep-laden Triangulation, the shattered glass techno machinations of his releases as SCB, and to most recently on his latest LP Personality.

A varied body of work. Taken from Personality, 'NE1BUTU' is a clap-clap-jive prison break cut that's heavy on piano melody and opalescent vocal samples.

Scuba - NE1BUTU


J said...

Heavy 90's vibe! I like Scuba, but his move from deep dubstep tunes to this happier house sound is a little bit perplexing. Is he 'selling out' or just expanding his portfolio?

Acid Midget said...

I feel you J. I wouldn't call it selling out, so much as creative progression. I wouldn't say Scuba went for a mainstream listener on 'Personality'.