Thursday, 23 August 2012

Videodrome 47: WhoMadeWho & Seekae

Thursday, 23 August 2012

When was the last time we did a video post?
One year, one month and approximately one week ago. Been waaaay too long if you ask me.

In order to remedy this situation, here are two fantastic videos that have slid into my periphery over the last few weeks.

WhoMadeWho are a band that is not only maturing release by release into something quite magnificent, but also a band that consistently crafts music videos with wonderfully high production values and zany/insightful narratives (see "Inside Worldor "Keep My In My Plane").

Their newest audio/visual outing is an unconventional double pronged piece for 2 (two) tracks off their latest album "Brighter" - namely 'Running Man' and 'The Sun'.
The video is another piece of first world social commentary in two chapters, with a nice little twist at the end.
Once again - "slick as" production values, amusing narratives and great acting. These guys are music video geniuses. Check it out:

WhoMadeWho - Running Man & The Sun (Pitfalls of the Modern Man)

I'm hoping that you guys have checked out "Brighter".. But in case you haven't and you think you might need some convincing, here is "The Sun" - the more upbeat cut from the video above. It is a wonderfully languid piece of danceteria indie disco that will definitely spice up your day:

WhoMadeWho - The Sun 

Grab WhoMadeWho's "Brighter" here.

The next video is of a slightly different tack.. It comes from Sydney's Seekae and features them performing live for the Vivid Festival in the Opera House.
I have to admit that all the way over here in Finland, I haven't been hearing too much about Seekae.. But word on the street/interwebs is that these guys are going gang-busters back in Australia. And to be honest, I'm not surprised.. The intricately pieced together '3' is something special and somehow portrays love and a smooth restraint that is quite frankly awesome.

Seekae - 3 (Live at the Sydney Opera House)

Here also is the album version of '3'.. Perhaps a little darker in vibe and maybe with a bit more contrast between instrumentation and the electronica, but definitely no less awesome:

Seekae - 3

Check out more of Seekae on their second LP "+Dome" here.. My copy is downloading as we speak.

I realise that there is only a small sliver of Blouse readers that live in Helsinki, but for those that do - I  will be manning the ones and twos tonight at Bar Iso Roba.. If you are around, stop in and say hi!

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