Sunday, 2 September 2012


Sunday, 2 September 2012

Avatism. Who is this guy? I'm certainly not sure.

To me, he is an Italian fella that has popped up fairly recently with a sound that is pretty damned irresistible.
Dark, druggy and with bucket loads of groove, Avatism's sound offers a fine counterpoint to the progressively lighter and 'housier' deep house turning up around the place.

This remix he put together of his and Clockwork's 'Hail' is classic Avatism.. All the dankness I described before, and with some fantastic skittering synths over the top. A sweaty, deep d-floor weapon.

Clockwork & Avatism - Hail (Avatism Remix)

This was off Clockwork & Avatism's 'Archetypes EP' from a few months back. Find that here.

'Upon The Daze' is a slightly older cut from the end of '11. This one starts of in a much more expansive fashion, but quickly descends into the Avatism well courtesy of a perfectly ominous bassline, muted horns and a creepy vocal. Definitely awesome:

Avatism - Upon The Daze

Find this on Avatism's excellent 'Perseverence EP' here.


Acid Midget said...

Hail remix...loaded with funk.

Steve said...

Deep, heavy and funky: "Good"