Saturday, 8 September 2012

Oliver Huntemann, SIS & Basic Channel

Saturday, 8 September 2012

Damn my toes are cold. Hello Winter!
Trying to warm my toes up via tapping to these tunes as we speak:

German fella SIS and his rumbling, percussive groove have been garnering plenty of attenzione recently - thanks in no small part to his 'Round Pen' EP which was released via Crosstown Rebels last month.
While the bubbly 'Faces' got the nod as lead off single, I found the rest of the EP to be much more interesting; darker and with a more expansive drive. 
Easily my favourite track on the whole thing though is 'Unforty'.. The building of its rolly, rumbly bassline is something to behold, and the contrast between it and the rambling, narrative-driven synth works really nicely. This one hasn't been far from my headphones for the past week or so.. Quality!

SIS - Unforty

Pick up SIS's Round Pen EP here.

Oliver Huntemann. What a man. This next track is yet another illustration of the guy's inimitable talents.. Lifted from his latest 'Play!' mix (which was recorded at the Roxanne Parlour in Melbourne), this is a weighty (and dare I say it, banging) number full of solid, pulsing synths that build and build and build. Sweaty, yet cold and somehow deep. A suitable ode to that lovely city:

Oliver Huntemann - Melbourne

Hm - 'Melbourne' is actually somehow reminiscent of Slam's 'Hot Knives'. Find it on the 'Play! 04' EP here.

And last but definitely not least is this swirling, hypnotic classic from Basic Channel's legendary 'Main Street Records 1993-1999' collection. To me, this track absolutely symbolises the wide-eyed frenzy of 90's deep house - atmospheric, soulful and highly emotive. I have heard people discussing the possiblity that this is amongst Maurizio's greatest works. I certainly wouldn't argue.

Round One - I'm Your Brother (Quadrant Dub II)

I posted another 'Main Street' number (the 'New Day Club Vocal Mix') from this collection a while back - do yourself a favour and re-visit it right now.

Grab Basic Channel's seminal Round One - Five EP collection while you still can. Do it here.

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