Monday, 8 October 2012

Interview: Jonti Danilewitz of Djanimals

Monday, 8 October 2012

A Blouse interview with Sydney musician Jonti Danilewitz was removed sometime after we published it in October of 2009.

The reason for this was probably a copyright infringement claim. However, it would be ironic considering Danilewitz personally supplied the track 'Hornet's Nest' for distribution on this blog. We received no communication about the post otherwise.

Two months after the interview, Danilewitz won a Tooheys Beer competition for which he flew to New York to collaborate with Mark Ronson. That produced 'Fox'. Two years later, in October of 2011, he released his debut LP Twirligig.

Below is the original interview in which Danilewitz discusses his early project Danimals, which later became Djanimals after a yoghurt company got upset. It's also a candid look at what young musicians will tell you before a manager takes over.

Yo mang, when and how did Danimals form?

Earlier this year, i had been recording by myself late into the milky night. Until one day the guys in the frikin wonderful band Megastick Fanfare talked me into doing the recordings live, which resulted in some borderline slapstick solo shows with me and a sampler (thanks guys!). Later i called on three drummers who i thought were pretty awesome to help me out, and they complied. Additionally a bass player complied as well.

So who are these complying band members and what do they play?

Well there's a drum kit, percussion and synth station that Will Russell (Sherlock's Daughter), Julien Sudek (Mercy Arms) and Moses Macrae (Phrase) all rotate around. Jaie Gonzalez later joined on bass and sampler.

From whence do you draw aesthetic inspiration when writing songs?

Collectively were all pretty influenced by food at the moment. Some things we've been into are spelt curry lentil and gado gado pies, bananas, black rice and peppermint tea. When doing those solo recordings i would just appropriate songs from my dusty record collection which is always a wonderful learning process!

Mmmm tasty. So what was it like supporting Metronomy? Did you meet them backstage/at the trough?

Pretty frikin amazing! They were lovely people with lovely sophisticated british accents. Additionally they show was pure bliss!

That's lovely. How would you describe your sound without making reference to genre or other bands?

It sounds like going for a jog while being followed by a scruffy dog, who follows you through all creaks and valleys to later befriend you and become a close companion just before you've reached your destination.

Um, ok then. Does the band name have anything to do with low fat yoghurt cups?

No, however we confidently affiliate ourselves with chimps, whose faces are used for low fat yoghurt cups.

Speaking of chimps, were any of you at Parklife? If so, what rocked your socks there?

Yeah, i actually played there with Will in our other band Sherlock's Daughter. We were pretty great :D

To me it's all about Seekae, Megastick Fanfare, Ghoul and in terms of the headliners Cool Kids and Metronomy (of course) were pretty incredible!

When will peeps see an EP/LP?

Gonna remain hush bout when and how, but LP's will appear.

If you could collectively sign anyone’s boobies (male or female) who would it be and why?

Most members are in rather committed relationships, so im just gonna lie and say we all have amish pasts and would be most keen to sign the udders of our pets.

Hornet's Nest - Jonti from Toby Pedersen on Vimeo.

Photo: Faster Louder

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