Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Kasper Bjørke & Jacob Korn

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Hot damn it's getting cold up here. There is talk of snow. Am I feeling a little homesick? "Yes". Looking at the photo above has certainly not done me any good.

I haven't been freezing alone though -German Jacob Korn has been doing his best to ease us into Winter with his new debut album 'You & Me'.

If you are worried, you shouldn't be - Jacob Korn is no side project of Bakersfield, CA skuze/smudge-rockers 'Korn'. 
Nope - he is just a fella taking a fresh look at this whole deep house thing. A look that encompasses diverse elements of industrial, acid, pop, indie dance & house and strings them together with warm, equally diverse and well selected vocal cuts. While there are many tracks featured here teeter in the mythical, fantastic space between your headphones and the club, it is the range of sounds and styles on here that really captivates.

In terms of highlights, one track that immediately caught my attention was the collaboration between Korn and Dial's own Christopher Rau. I'm a big fan of Rau's upbeat, atmospheric jazz vibe, and he certainly brings elements of that to the table here.

Jacob Korn - I Need You (with Christopher Rau & The Drifter)

I feel quite bad posting two tracks from the album, but I also really wanted to point out one track on the album that I found particularly interesting. Track number two - 'Broken' - is not only a lovely, smokey slowburner but also features vocals by a mysterious vocalist by the name of 'Kid A' - a vocalist with a voice remarkably like Bjork's.. Have a listen and see what you think:

Jacob Korn - Broken (Feat Kid A)

Go ahead and grab Korn's debut LP 'You & Me' here. I definitely recommend.


I've also spending a bit of time with Kasper Bjørke's sophomore LP 'The Fool' of late. Its deep, conversational vocals, heavy synth work and quirky vibe seemed very familiar (perhaps even "well-trodden") to me at first, but in this case that isn't too much of a detraction as it has all been executed really nicely.
Actually - on a side note, I think that it is interesting to note the similarity in styles between Bjørke and his Danish contemporaries (like WhoMadeWho and Laid Back). Denmark represent.

Other Bjørke related works that I have been really enjoying are definitely the remixes that have been packaged up with his singles - now and in the past. I've taken great pleasure in diving into interpretations by the likes of Prins Thomas, Still Going, and Axel Boman (to name a few).
One recent remix of note is by German house duo the Adana Twins of Bjørke & post-punk rockers Laid Back's collaboration 'Bohemian Soul'. Rocking a minimal house vibe that wouldn't be out of place in a Visionquest set, this number works perfectly with the dusty vocals to create a nice, subtle dancefloor burner.

Kasper Bjørke - Bohemian Soul (Adana Twins On A Cloudy Day Remix)

You probably caught wind of Nicolas Jaar's mix of Bjørke's 'Heaven' ages back, but in case you didn't, please sit back and enjoy the crafty goodness now. Pianos, organs, slow and Jaar's own subtly insistent composition make this track very hard to go past:

Kasper Bjørke  - Heaven (Nicolas Jaar Remix)

Get in and dip your ears into Bjørke's 'The Fool' here. Peruse other fine remixes of his work here.

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