Thursday, 24 April 2008

tell me is it me or my upbringing?

Thursday, 24 April 2008

photo: Jack Walsh

ive talked about this before but dont you reckon that crappy weather really makes you listen to different beats..
its been wack weather for about a week now and i have been listening to nonstop gangsta shit and strummy stuff. i remember last time it was like this (not that long ago) i started listening to proggy/dubby styled electro..

listening to different beats like this is probably a good thing before the thumping doof-doof onslaught that will no doubt take place over the long weekend.

Tupac and Notorious BIG - Runnin' (Dying to Live)

Notorious BIG - Juicy (DJ Premier Mix)

awwwww shit.

on the other side of the coin, i have also been cranking the most quiet of beats.. Angus and Julia Stone
who are awesome.
ive seen them at many various festivals recently but have only been coherent enough to watch properly once. and that one time knocked my socks off. they have a sort of mystical untouchability.. plus the amazing hotness of julia stone.

Angus and Julia Stone - Just A Boy

Angus and Julia Stone - Here We Go Again

In a similar vein to the stonezzz are Windy and Destiny, an israel duet that make cool little lo-fi/folk jams. i still cant work out what i think of the album but there are definitely a few good'uns on there.. plus her voice sounds like hope from mazzy star.

Windy and Destiny - In My Melodies

Windy and Destiny - Beg Me Please

finally- before i go and drench my self in various electronica once again here are the Last Shadow Puppets. brit-pop is not usually something i like. at all. when i read that this band featured alex from the arctic monkeys i was sceptical.
but it turned out A-OK- PHEW! some cool downtempo moody bluesy ditties.

The Last Shadow Puppets - The Age of Understatement

The Last Shadow Puppets - My Mistakes Were Made For You

yes whoa this was an alternative/rap post. whoa. dance next time.

happy weekends!

ps wow im listening to the m83 mix of shadows by midnight juggernauts.. AMAZING check it out here (and check out the lifelike mix of Does It Offend You, Yeah? while you are there- lifelike is an absolute god. man god. man of ages. god man.)

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