Friday, 13 June 2008

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Friday, 13 June 2008

in more soulful news.. word floating around the street is that ace new (black-sounding, Lidell-esque) producer/singa Sam Sparro is coming to town on the 11 July..
after listening to some of his songs i have reached the conclusion that this will be a fun (if overtly gay) occasion indeed.. his music is really soulful and genuine. effortlessly combines and transcends 80's synthie stuff with rnb and soul.. and his voice is very good- like velvet coated in honey. such gay music though.

Sam Sparro - 21 Century Life

Sam Sparro - Sally

some of you might have also missed these two remixes of 'black and gold' as well.. very contrasting tracks but good in their own way..
the phones remix takes the song up a notch from the russ chimes remix into harder electro territory.. almost getting toward a commercial sound here which is unusual for phones but if it makes people dance then what the hey..
the al usher mix goes in completely the other direction- giving more emphasis to his voice.. i think this would definitely be a great summery chillout sort of song.

Sam Sparro - Black and Gold (Phones Hard As Diamonds Remix)

Sam Sparro - Black and Gold (Al Usher Remix)

just in closing, i would just like to say that there is an absolute abundance of awesome songs floating around the blog world at the moment, especially on all of the mp3 blogs in blouse's friends list. <*applause*>
please check out the AWESOME cut copy remix of ladyhawkes 'paris is burning' over at asian dan- kudos brother

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