Saturday, 21 June 2008


Saturday, 21 June 2008

By Anthony Lister

hip hop certainly has definitely been quite the flavour in recent times. whilst i have been lapping up the eazy's and the biggies being passed around i have been also been really damn impressed with the mad mashed stylings from the likes of a-trak and chew-fu..

today however, i got something in the blouse box that impressed me even more..
Skew is an amazing musician/producer from NYC. Skew is quite the up and comer, having had releases on RCRD LBL and his tracks featured on the awesome Solid Steel radio show.
his sound to me is very much like old skool DJ Shadow. glitchy, rough (if slightly experimental), cut and paste riffs, over tough, big glitchy drums. although this isnt strictly hip hop, i reckon some sort of rapping over the top would be wikked..
hes clearly heavily influenced by prog rock as well (one of his side projects is called "i love my MPC 2000 but ive chosen prog metal").. his remixes of two prog rock stalwarts are awesome but very simple- layering elements of Mars Volta and Sigur Ros tracks over his stripped yet full sounding hip hop beats.
anyway, enjoy these- its not everyday you get genuinely cool hip hop beats like Skew's..

Skew - In Other Words

Skew - Everything's Almost

Sigur Ros Remixed by Skew

Mars Volta Remixed (Part 2) by Skew

If these tracks tickle you in some way please go down to his site and check out the rest of his songs, remixes and mashups which are all awesomely available to download for free

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