Monday, 23 June 2008

rush hour

Monday, 23 June 2008

uber quick post cos im in an uber rush...

everyone should already know Van She's latest single 'Strangers".. it is definitely an awesome song, but i reckon that most people would be quite over it by now (damn radio for killing songs by overplay).
anyway, also on the original release was a Strip Steve remix of Strangers as well as 'black dots' which will feature on their upcoming album.

Van She - Strangers (Strip Steve Mix)

Van She - Black Dots

get in quick sons and daughters.. preorder their album here

they are will also be playing some shows to support the release of the album.. it appears as though their live show has turned into somewhat of a party, with the likes of Ajax, Dangerous Dan, HOOPS, Modular DJs, Dirty Secrets, BMX, Like Woah, Andee Van Damage, Gloves, and Valentino Djs all set to spin or strum or hit things either before or after van she. wicked.
tour dates etcccc are available here

more later

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Jax said...

i am not a huge van she fan but i do like this

keep up the good work