Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Busy Busy

Tuesday, 19 February 2008

photo: Jack Walsh

Holy crap who would have known that work could be so busy this early in the year.. barely a chance for me to listen to music at all..
So jealous of Rach going to good vibes in MELBOURNE.. damn her.. im sure well hear good things from her soon..

Have heard plenty of vibes-related reviews around the campfire.. and i think most have been good. apparently the rapture were fun, as was a-trak.
i think though that the people that went there for the strong hip hop line up were more impressed than the people there for the dancey stuff. just putting it out there.

So while all this craziness was going on i was down in Wollongong chillaxing at a mates 21st. Was a fun party that had me super keen to go and boogie down to tracks like this one:

Shiloh - Vice (Luke Chable Mix)

The keyboards at the end are pretty awesome if you ask me.

also another oldie but still a goldie

Sinden - Everybody Rocking

Heck yea= olden goldens are the way to go.

Sorry really quick post today but whoa whoa it is bus-a

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