Wednesday 13 February 2008

flash fiction

Wednesday 13 February 2008


I left the gay bar where I had been chatting with local cross-dressing Maoris and headed out into a grey morning on Dunedin Street. Getting back to my overpriced and vulgar hostel was not a problem but I had been awake all night and my legs were tired. A car with three girls pulled up and asked if anyone needed a lift for cash. I got in and for $10 NZ they gave me a lift to a street round the corner from my hostel.

I sat in the back next to a tall Maori wearing a short miniskirt. I put my hand on her fishnet stockings and she took it off. She was high on ice. She put one hand on my crotch and with the other she attempted to remove a ring on my left hand. I was distracted but wary enough to clasp my hand tight shut.

"I haven't had sex for two weeks. How about you?"
"Er, same actually."
"Have you got a big cock?"
"Er, not really."

The passenger in the front turned around and apologised for her friend's behaviour.

"I don't mind, really."

My fellow backseat passenger stared wide-eyed at me and lifted up her skirt. She showed me her pink-and-white striped pants with the Playboy bunny logo on the front. I wanted to say, "Are you shaved?" or "Can I touch you there?" but I said nothing. She asked me if I had $50 to buy a gram of ice but I preferred the idea of buying a bottle of whisky and fucking. She didn't want that, and at the next turn I had reached my destination.

I got out of the car and said goodbye. No one replied.

-Terence Peters

I need a song, don't I?

Today is funky little tracks day.

Soma Rasa are an Australian group that have been around for ages but never really got the recognition I think they deserve. Once apon a time, someone saw them live and really had a fun time. They were at Stonefest in Canberra and N'fa from 1200 Techniques was rapping with them. Funky, organic breaksy-house is always a treat.

Soma Rasa - I Like It (Kid Kay Ferris Mix)

Also in the funky vein are these two tracks which may be a little old but still funk with the best of them.

1 Dunk Wonder (Electric Repress Mix) - Dave Robertson

Hard Rock Sofa - The Evening

Funk yea. Have a funking good day you funking funker.


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