Tuesday, 5 February 2008

The Videodrome

Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Welcome to the blouse videodrome.

we've seen some aussie video gold over the past few days and felt an uncontrollable need to post it up shaquille o'neill style..

so here they are

first up is the NEW NEW NEW Cut Copy single "Lights and Music".. not sure about the video OR the song.. it seems kind of bare.. its like its missing something.. but like most cut copy things im sure it will grow on me in the biggest way..

Also peep the two remixes that accompany the single.. pretty chilled considering the artists that made them.. think the boyz noize mix is the pick fo' sho'

Cut Copy - Lights and Music (Superdiscount mix)
Cut Copy - Lights and Music (Boyz Noize mix)

yes, we know that 'My People' has been around for yonks now but holy crap is it awesome.. so awesome in fact that we felt a similar uncontrollable need to post like the one we had before- this time though we modelled our post-up need on Charles Barkley, NBA JAM T.E. style.
This video is amazing.. give it a chance at the start and you'll see why..

also in case you haven't, take a peep at this.. destroying.

The Presets - My People (DIM mix)

we love australia here at blouse. australian artists really are awesome.

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