Friday, 15 August 2008

friday fun

Friday, 15 August 2008

recently a group called Super Fresh Power Squad mailed some songs to us..
i wasnt really sure what to make of them when i opened the email... what CAN you make of a group that are the (self-professed) main exponents of 'Intergalactic Spandex Sex Funk'? hmm..?

after giving their beats a proper listen i actually made a lot more out of them..
so much in fact that i would actually describe them as the next chromeo.. think i might be going a bit far? well maybe i am.. have a listen

Super Fresh Power Squad - Electric Lovin'

Super Fresh Power Squad - Night Time (Fight Time)

Super Fresh Power Squad - Sexy R.O.B.O.T.

upon further listens i think there is actually a healthy dose PRE fuckin gay pop sneaky sound system in there as well.. and that aint a bad thing..
dont you reckon that their beats are the funnest, most funky electro-funk jams since chromeo? commee oonnnnnnn

to celebrate friday even more here are a couple of awesome bouncy tracks of the new Busy P mixtape..

We Are Terrorists - Western Spaghetti

Revolte - Guess What

werent ed banger supposed to be moving away from bangers???

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Jack said...

Sexy R.O.B.O.T is great! And pretty much exactly what I imagined Intergalactic Spandex Sex Funk would sound like!