Thursday, 13 November 2008

99 red

Thursday, 13 November 2008

so you like that synthee indie dance that is running out of the UK like some kind of water? oohh yea you do. everyone does.

Beautiful Balloon - Lead By Example

Beautiful Balloon - Cathode Carnival

coming out of the UK, Beautiful Balloon is the newest 'it band' in this music world. actually i dont know if they are an 'it band' yet.. but they surely should be.. they've toured with metronomy, dead disco and herve and have been described as 'absolutely mindmelting' by NME, and 'startling new indie disco talent' by blouse.

im sick of all this hard fidget and electro stuff. cant people just play d-floor ready disco-indie like this? i promise the kids will dance.

also, i was going to illustrate the virtues of the imminent Joakim tour to y'all, but it seems that the ever-awesome waves at night crew beat me to it.. all you joakim fans should head on over to the article here for aussie tours dates, an interview and a bunch of mp3s..


Unknown said...

next time you're playing a house party, try dropping this stuff to see if "the kids" will dance to this. Maybe they'll dance at a live show, but that's because I hear a definite element of a "rocker" "rocking out" with a guitar. Kids always dance to rockers rocking out with guitars. If you played these songs at a set during prime time, people would look down at their empty cups and go outside for a cigarette.

But hey, even though I know I'm on the internet and I have a troll license, if anybody has any evidence to the contrary, let me know. I <3 electro, but I sometimes feel shackled to it.

Anonymous said...

when ive gone to see soulwax/2many djs or bang gang or heaps of others in the past they have dropped tracks like these ones and people have gone crazy..

Unknown said...

mmmm... sounds about right for bang gang 'n soulwax/ et al. Maybe if you dance to Nightmares on Wax this would be a natural progression. It sounds better if it was played during the early part of a party, or during a car ride, but I don't see this music replacing Dance Music with a capital Dance and a clenched fist.

the song lead by example is catchy as hell, though.

Richard The Hedgehog said...

Agreed its not a floor filler, but if you set the track up properly i reckon people would totally dig it. Having said that, you need to be a pretty rad dj to be able to set that track up well

Unknown said...

then i shall aspire to be that flexible and gain an audience's trust where I can drop lead by example.

Anonymous said...

why is there an onus on this band to replace dance music or something? i get a bit of a hip-hop feel as well from the 'lead by example' song and 'cathode carnival' - saw feadz dropping beats like this last month, not a flat 4/4 in sight, awesome.

catchy guys anyway, that EP download link thingy they've got on their myspace is promising

Anonymous said...

there's a pretty decent video of lead by example here, can't find out much more about them on the internet though?