Tuesday, 13 January 2009

come on tel aviv

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

telefon tel aviv has a new album!!

i must admit that that news didnt mean a lot to me about an hour and a half ago. however, after listening to this album (entitled "Immolate Yourself"), the full weight of this news has hit me. now i know that there will be a lot of very happy people out there..

Telefon Tel Aviv - Stay Away From Being Maybe

from start to finish, this album is glorious. each track is so dense and complex that it feels like you are really part of something big when you are listening to it. this album makes you feel important.

Telefon Tel Aviv - M

apparently telefon tel aviv are perfectionists, which is something that i can absolutely believe as every synth, every vocal, every bassline, every thing is so damned perfect.

although there are a few stand out singles on this album, i think it is the astounding sense of identity and mood that all the songs share that make the album such a revelation. it feels like you are listening to one great musical story.

i can only imagine what telefon tel aviv would be like live...(amazing)

check out 'immolate yourself' here. so worth it its not funny