Friday, 16 January 2009

where da hoes at

Friday, 16 January 2009

have you heard of le le? my le le interest was piqued after seeing them sitting pretty alongside soulwax on a bunch of event posters by parra (also in le le)..

Le Le - International Pants

i have to say that le le's beats are so perfect for a friday. especially this particular friday (the friday before my birthday).. shameless electro/indie fun with a pinch of humourous stupidness.

Le Le - Captive De Ton Chiffre

there is actually a pretty big chance that you would of heard of them before because of their song 'breakfast'.. you know, that one with the early 90's hiphouse vibe- the one with that black guy telling you that 'you look like a meal- you look like breakfast'?
well that song is good but i think this ear bleedingly bangilicious mix of it by kill the noise suits my mood a touch better at the moment..

Le Le - Breakfast (Kill The Noise Remix)


Anonymous said...

well hey happy almost birthday!

Paup said...

really like your blog and love that ryan mcginley's pic

Anonymous said...

Le le got known by their catchy track Skinny Jeans. THe group is formed by: P.Fabergé (de Jeugd van Tegenwoordig : Dutch Electro Rap)

and producer Rimer London en designer Piet Pa’ra.

Anonymous said...

Kill the noise and his talent are often slept on. its sad