Monday, 4 May 2009

dcup + sweat it out

Monday, 4 May 2009

finally some good news in this world of swine flu and recessions.. dcup has signed to sweat it out..! have to admit that everyone in the blouse jacuzzi was stoked when the news reached the mansion.

above is quite obviously the art for his ep 'style'.. the sweat it out melting shoe thing is pretty cool hey.. duncs' decision to use a pimp slipper as his sweat it out identity was rather fitting and pretty funny. when he told me that he had chosen a slipper as his shoe, i immediately tried to work out what shoe i would have picked.. do you think you could have picked footwear like that? i'd like to say that i would pick a melted flippy-floppy thong as mine, but i think crocs would be more fitting. tell me what you'd pick. a doc marten?

anyway, 'style' officially comes out in approximately two weeks- more on that soon.. in the meantime, here is a blouse exclusive to heat things up- his new remix of damn arms..

Damn Arms - Destination Pt. 1 (DCup Remix)

it starts off full of cocktail sass and lush synths, but an aston martin spins by the dcup casino in the last third of the song and takes those synths for a bit of a drive.. such classy, subtle disco house..


DCUP said...

Thanks Steve!

Acid Midget said...

Can i borrow anyone's pimp slippers?

Steve said...

always a pleasure dunc

Nicky Savage said...

Truley amazing!! Man anything this guy remixes is magic!!