Sunday 14 June 2009


Sunday 14 June 2009

Dear Joyride,

In the last year you have firmly planted yourself on my Sydney DJ radar. I think this is because you play good songs – always some bangers but always some party songs and some old school hip hop. You’ve mastered the indie house party vibe. It might also be because you have size 18 feet and you know when to play Dreadlock Holiday and when not to. These are all excellent qualities in a DJ. I also think your rework of Urthboy is so icily chilled and your remix of Horrowshow is gnarly and dubsteppy. You do good things for Aussie hip hop. You are a good man. And that pic of you with two midget Joyride’s on either shoulder… This is cool and, if replicated in real life, could be a new cutting edge way of delivering a DJ set/performance and possibly outdo Bertie Blackman's sneaker set at Parklife. Just some thoughts.



Urthboy - Hellsong (Joyride Remix)

Horrowshow - Choose None (Joyride Remix)

Joyride plays every Friday at sosueme and lots of other places… And listen out for his angelic voice on Horrowshow’s upcoming album as well as shit from Urthboy and Spit Syndicate.


Acid Midget said...

Maybe joyride's your secret admirer?

Anonymous said...

lovin the dubstep!

Anonymous said...

Dj Joyride is the truth. Best club Dj in Sydney.

Anonymous said...

what track does he sing on horrorshows album?