Friday, 26 June 2009


Friday, 26 June 2009

one person who i know for a fact hasnt had a quiet last couple of months is burns. it really seems as though a new burns track or remix pops up on a weekly basis, and im sure a lot of people will agree that that is often a good thing.

i think that those same people would agree that burns' only shortcoming is that he sometimes (not always) seems to flog a brand of electro/whatever that is a bit dated and the tiniest bit generic..
his new track 'heartbeats' however has no such problems..

Burns - Heartbeats

rocking an entirely timeless, almost french house sound, 'heartbeats' is perhaps burns' best work to date.. the epic, soaring guitars and uplifting bassline really were a treat for me today and are going to rock me all the way through to 6pm (baby) (ohh yeah).. if you enjoyed 'music sounds better with you' then definitely check this track out.

if youre in the mood for something a little heavier (it is friday after all) then check out this remix burns did for white lies.. all hard and fidgety with a sprinkle of mid-90's spice

White Lies - Death (Burns Remix)

it may not be the freshest sounding song, but i think people on a dancefloor at 2am would enjoy it.. i know i would



Anonymous said...

don't be so bloody sarcastic. death is hardly funny!!!

LynX said...

Burns - Heartbeats is so huge, thx 4 uploading it !

Ed said...

Yeah Steve leave MJ alone! haha!