Friday 19 June 2009

i'll put a move on you

Friday 19 June 2009

Booo oooo oooooosh. This genius piece of music has now been officially released I'm told. Sampling "Howard's note" from The Mighty Boosh, Mojo Filter has created out of this world organic electro musings. Hey rudi. The Boosh loved it, so do I.

Mojo Filter feat. The Mighty Boosh - Oaky Timbre

Mojo Filter feat. The Mighty Boosh - Oaky Timbre (Loose Cannons Remix)


jax said...


Acid Midget said...

I'm in love with moon guy. He's pasty, he's stupid, but he's the moon.

So cool.

Jimps ( said...
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ADSO said...

haha awesome, this is my favourite episode too. "What are you trying to say? Don't run around the house in a little car!" Classic

Anonymous said...

This track is so funny and the wobbly beats seem to reflect the humour - classic MOJO FILTER stuff.

Anonymous said...

It's actually really funny omg, newshit. Love games?