Tuesday 16 June 2009


Tuesday 16 June 2009

the hysteria is mounting... rraaaaahhhhh
are you ready for june 20? have you got a little party planned for your family and close friends? i hope so. the date of dcup's first official release is no time to be sitting at home 'taking it easy'.

dcup certainly has his june 20 planned out. and im sure he would like your party to be as glamourous and sassy as his will surely be.
to make sure it is, he has thrown together a collection of classic house and disco bootlegs for your enjoyment.. he has called them 'dcup divas'. if you thought his previous remixes and tracks were funky then you should probs check these out..

Ultranate - Free (Dcup's Bootleg Remix)

Indeep - Last Night A DJ Saved My Life (Dcup's Bootleg Remix)

Masters At Work feat India - To Be In Love (Dcup's Bootleg Remix)

cool non? watch this space for some super-cool style ep launch party and remix news soon.. also, you can catch dcup playing at the sweat it out remixes vol 2 party at some point in the near future. everything is happening so quickly


KulPop said...

Lovin' Dcup big time. The Ultranate remix is great, looking forward to more from him.


Anonymous said...

Dcup makes me proud to be aussie

Steve said...

hes a very special person.. hope everyone can come to his launch party soon..

Anonymous said...

Great tracks, loving DCUP

Westorious said...

The way he incorporates Earth Wind and Fire on the Indeep bootleg is amazing. I'll def be gettin' down on the 20th!