Wednesday, 19 August 2009

the galvatrons

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Lone comment posted on the Galvatrons website in response to their monstrous synthrock track Molotov Cocktail:

By Anonymous
Omg, Epic.

Galvatrons - Molotov Cocktail

Galvatrons - Robots Are Cool

This is a very apt description. The Melbourne band specialises in electro-rock bangers. I imagine their live show is even more epic which you would only expect from four maverick, interstellar transformers from a future vortex where Gary Numan and Stan Bush are canonised and life is a euphoric, synthtracked montage of disco fist-pumping, 80s prom night pashes and Hollywood endings for bespectacled misfits. You can ask the world if it is true, because they've toured the world and played all over Aus - already.

See their album here. They're touring around the place at the moment (see their Myspace) and also giving away a Kramer guitar signed by them (see here). Hello, smash me.


Anonymous said...

Have to be honest but you lost some cred with this post...

Rachel said...

My cred is pretty much non-existent, Anonymous. I'm not a very cool person...