Thursday, 6 August 2009

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Thursday, 6 August 2009

As i listened to Kato and Anna Lunoe hosting Sunsets tonight, their regular show on FBi radio, i was reminded once again that Sydney really is one big fucking party.

Lunoe stepped into this madness when she started DJing in 2005 and within a couple of years was snapped up by Modular. This was for her talents behind the decks, her powerful marketability and for being just so damn cute.

Aside from regularly DJing with Kato she is also one part of banger trio Hoops and also recently returned from the US where she livened up Louis Vuitton and Fendi parties and warehouse raves. She's heading back there at the end of the month to do it all again.

With so much going on i decided to peel back some of the mystery surrounding Lunoe - and why she’s fast-tracked for fame.

So you’re back in Sydney from a recent US tour. What did you get up to over there?

Played my little heart out at all kinds of spots. I wanted to test all the waters, played everything from swanky NY clubs, to raving kansas warehouse parties, to trendy NYC Louis Vuitton soirees to hipster spots in LA. Was all sorts of amazing.

What’s one of your favourite local spots and why?

Don't really have a fav spot, but my favourite parties to play is when all my friends are playing too.

How and when did you start DJing?

Started back in early 05. Was a natural progression of somekind, i'm not sure where the idea popped up from but i think the ghost of a dead DJ told me to do it cos he said i had "the gift". Yeah.

What artists have you been into lately?

Listening to the Parra Soundsystem album right this minute which is pretty great. There have been some big things released lately: Major Lazer, Count & Sinden, Duck Sauce etc which is always nice. I really dig Daniel Haaksman, the new douster mixtape, Sound Pellegrino mixtape and so on and so forth.

You do regular sets with Kato - who we all know is a very energetic DJ – what’s it like spinning the decks together?

I love mixing with Kato. He is the best, hands down. I learn stuff from him all the time. Last week we were djing and the track i played got him so excited that on one of his trademark arm pumps he accidently elbowed me in the head! I still have a lump, but it was worth it to see him go so apeshit.

You also host Sunsets on FBi with him - how do you feel now the station has been saved?

Very happy. Fbi is the greatest. Kato and I love doing that show, and as messy and unprepared as we might sound we actually put a lot of work into collecting music for it and we really value that time to play all the stuff we find to each other (and a couple of thousand of our closest buds) every week.

How long have you been on Modular for?

Since October 07 or so.

What is ‘Hoops’ and how did it get kick-started?

Hoops started in 07 too, late winter. I had been playing around town a while by then and the girls were my friends and had just thrown a girls only party called Hoops. We got booked to play together for a Sass and Bide party, it went swimmingly. We impressed Annelise Braakansiek who got her boy Sam to book us to play Falls Festival the next day. Hoops was born!

What are you looking forward to most in the coming Aussie festival season?

Festival season is the best. Its my favourite time of the year, i love everything about it, but mostly running around with my friends being idiots and stealing beers from other peoples riders.

What do you like seeing most from people on the floor/grass when you’re doing a set?

I like it the best when i cant see the floor or the grass because its jammed with happy, dancing smiling, loose folk.

How would you define “to cut sick on the decks”?

Hahah are you serious?? No phrase in the world can adequately sum that one up!

Anna Lunoe - Coming To America Club Mix



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