Tuesday, 4 August 2009

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Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Hello Faux Pas... is that you? Had not heard much from you since your hypnotic remix on Gotye's Mixed Blood album (also Gotye - where are you??) and was starting to wonder. But I have evidently been under rocks since 2007, the year of the dolphin, because you have been doing a shitload of producing, blogging and radio jockeying as well as working on a second album... super.

I am in love with these two remixes Faux Pas has done of Australian bands. So creative and so interesting and actually added something to an original rather than just churning it through a banger factory.

Faux Pas says of the first track: Team Dempster asked me to get all remix on this - and initially i wasn't sure how it was going to go. But once I figured out that it was a song about a robot waitress I kinda had a feeling I'd work something out. This song is, apparently (according to a friend), "vocoder reggaeton".

Paul Dempsey - Ramona Was A Waitress (Faux Pas Remix)

Faux Pas says of the second track: I took the reconstituted sunshine pop of The Rectifiers (my friends from Melbourne) and re-reconstituted it into a remix in two parts. First part: troptronica, kind of pushing their original parts just the little bit they needed to be pushed in order to be enjoyed with a cocktail and a coconut. Then, about half way, i take my shirt off and start yelling "RECTIFIERS", some ravey synths start up, and i start hammering away on the shiel family piano. So, yeah, thats that. I'm not sure quite what happens but i like it.

The Rectifiers - Blackbird (Faux Pas Remix)

Also, his blog is freaking hilarious.



Anonymous said...

Anyone that describes a part of a song as 'troptronica' is amazing.

Rachel said...

Anyone that can combine a coconut and a rave in one song is also amazing.