Monday, 31 August 2009

tough kids doing damage

Monday, 31 August 2009

there were some serious monday blues floating around at work today. i for one had a pretty relaxed day, but the sobs and whinging penetrating the calm of my headphones started to get a little tiresome. o if only i had some decent speakers and mood lighting controls on my desk.. perhaps i could have got everyone out of their uncomfortable chairs and into hammocks as the lord intended..

if there was ever a song to get us young'uns into hammocks, it would be 'do the right thing' by metronomy.. im sure most of you will have already heard this track, but in case you havent, and if by chance you enjoy a spot of air france (or even just a spot of superbly moody dream-pop), then this might be for you:

Metronomy - Do The Right Thing

listening to a spot of nite jewel right after a sydney visit from italians do it better bossman mike simonetti seemed appropriate.. im pretty peeved that i didnt get to go to the party. in my dreams, i did actually go and when it was over i went with mike simonetti to an after party where he personally plugged in his portable music device and put on nite jewel.

Nite Jewel - Want You Back

last but not least is this remix done by perennial blouse favourite's black strobe..

The Penelopes - Demian feat. Dierdre Dubois (Black Strobe Remix)

what i love so much about black strobe is their diversity.. while i usually associate anything with the black strobe tag on it with classy, yet monstrous electro-tech, they sometimes do a little trickeroo and pop up with something different. this penelopes remix for instance is a distinctly lifelike-like affair with warbly, rolling bass coupled with soaring synths.

bonus black strobe cut from '01:

Cosmo Vitelli - Robot Soul (Black Strobe Remix)


Anonymous said...

ahh i've only just fallen in love with metronomy. they're fab.

btw, the song 'robot love' comes up as 'robot soul' when i open it up in ichoonsz. whats the go there?

Steve said...

yeah i feel like metronomy may be a little hit and miss but 'do the right thing' is pretty epic..

my track naming also seems to be a little hit and miss doesnt it? i believe 'robot soul' is the correct title.. have changed it accordingly :)