Monday 24 August 2009


Monday 24 August 2009

US electro-jizz producer Viking sent me some swaggin’ remixes to melt that Mondayitis away. They're are ideal tunes to welcome in the new season, evidenced by the warm Spring breeze that pushed your Hipster hair to one side this morning. Summer isn't far away so neither is rampant semi-cladness and beautiful bronze smiles.

Cut Copy – Hearts on Fire (Viking Remix)

This Cut Copy remix doesn’t need to be pondered over much. It’s a smooth balance of disjointed vocal samples dancing over a booming beat. But before getting complacent at this song’s tastiness, wait for the buildup near the end. It’s not aggressive or overdone, much like Cut Copy’s overall sound and it'll probably have you simultaneously biting your fingernails and trying to poke your bolster pillow when no one's home.

The Sounds - No One Sleeps When I'm Awake (Viking Remix)

This song is catchy in an Elton John way, but doesn’t leave you feeling weird afterward. Well, not as weird as your sexual orientation dear reader. Its vast sonic landscape takes a lesson or two from Ben Hur (i.e. it's fucking epic).

The vocals suit the track to a tee. Sounds like La Roux wailing in desperation as she tugs the shackles keeping her imprisoned in a Bedouin harem. Maybe i gave that a little too much thought.

In that case everyone post up your own analogy for what singer Maja Ivarsson sounds like in this remix in the comments section and we'll vote which is the best.


Anonymous said...

takes a lesson or two from Ben Hur.... ha ha that made me chuckle.

Anonymous said...

Maja sounds like a cinnamon dusted kitten turned inside out on a frying pan. She's soo hot!

Anonymous said...

She sounds like my breasts smacking together on my morning runs.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like princess diana if she sang. Can I explain why? Fuck no.

Rachel said...

intergalactic unicorn

Acid Midget said...

Haha nice work guys! Keep it coming :) mwa mwa

Acid Midget said...

OK, the winner is anonymous no.3.

I would say Rachel, because she's amazing, but that would represent a conflict of interest.

So technically she's the winner. Sorry anonymous no.3.