Tuesday, 27 October 2009

hello rachel yes i do exist.

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

sorry for the radio silence.. to say that it has been busy around these parts recently would be an understatement..

mixtapes are an ideal music finding medium when short of time.. i find that having other people/djs do all the scouring for you is occasionally a nice thing.
i know ive already recommended the allez allez mixtape series, but im going to do it again. not only is it consistently awesome, but it gives me perfect segue into introducing allez allez (the band) who were from belgium in the 1980's..
they had a mini revival last year when they released their 'best of' which featured remixes by aeroplane, lindstrom & prins thomas and optimo. this little gem however, shows just how good they were in their own right.. such an influential sound..

Allez Allez - Turn Up The Meter taken down by request

'turn up the meter' should only be played at parties with lava lamps and flares. in the 1970s. incredible. in case you havent already, grab the best of allez allez here.

on a slightly more blog-house friendly note, here is a remix that burns recently made for his main man frankmusik. it has been floating little while and to be honest, i cant really work out why it has only been blogged minimally.. some truly uplifting pianos to iron out your wrinkled tuesday.

Frankmusik - 3 Little Words (Burns Back to '96 Remix) taken down by request

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