Sunday, 27 June 2010

how i feel

Sunday, 27 June 2010

the revenge seem to getting remix/rework credits on everything these days doesnt he? while some of his work is a little subtle, the rest of it is pretty damned awesome.
this re-edit of spandau ballet is pretty much as good as it gets on a sunday like this: expansive, gentle and a little bit gloomy. near perfection.
apologies for the extremely low bitrate.. i scoured the net high and low for a higher quality version, but couldnt spot one anywhere.

Spandau Ballet - True (The Revenge Rework)

leo zero seems to be proving again and again how much of a genius he is. i never thought i would find myself posting a doobie brothers song on this blog, but here i go.. a sunny, almost tribal rendition of 'white sun' by leo zero..

The Doobie Brothers - White Sun (Leo Zero Edit)

i sit in the midst of some pretty serious drum and bass/dubstep heads at work, and while we dont often see eye to eye (ie. i dont really get into their music and they do), i think there are certainly times when our tastes match.
floating points seems to bridging the gap between dubstep and house/disco more genuinely than most other people out there.. last years 'j&w beat' has a real organic, earthy feel to it, and it is uplifting enough for people of all tastes to enjoy:

Floating Points - J&W Beat


rob said...

Temporarily disabled!!?!?!!
Aaaaah....but i love blouse.

Steve said...

i believe they are up again at the moment.. but i will be attempting to relocate everything onto a new server tonight.. so hopefully there wont be any more issues..

sorry again :(